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    Going to a track in a van? take some fuel cans :P

    Anybody who has donbe a track day will see this as being told how to suck eggs... so apologies for that :P

    Was sat in a dealer earlier reading last weeks MCN and they have a "sports bikes vs naked" write up, basically they were comparing each naked bike to its sport bike variant for speed, acceleration and fuel efficiency.

    The R1 obviously has a faster tucked and sat upright top speed it also covered a standing quarter mile about half a second faster than the mt-10, in a 6th gear 40-100mph roll on test the MT10 was 1.2 seconds faster than the R1.

    The interesting thing and the reason for the post tho was they rode the bikes at track speed around a race circuit (cant remember which) for 16 laps, they weighed the bikes before and after to measure fuel left in the tank.

    Over that 16 laps the MT10 averaged 20.6mpg using around 10kgs of fuel while the R1 26.5 (fairing, better aero etc etc etc) but all that aside on a track day we are going to be using a tank of fuel every 2-3 track sessions, on the track days ive been on that basically take you to lunch on an average sized track, so as i said if your taking a van...take some jerry cans or your either have to pay a fortune for it on track or go for a ride to find some.

    All the best.

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    That's some good info there mate. I hope next issue of AMCN has the article. I did a pretty big ride home the other day when I picked mine up, so I'll have to post up my fuel usage pics. She was pretty thirsty!

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    I did a track day this Saturday past. It's very thirsty with fuel on the track and I strongly agree extra fuel is taken with. The bike performed very well, I was really impressed with the suspension which never got out of shape (even on standard settings) and the stock tyres were very good providing more than sufficient grip. Hanging on at full throttle down the straights in fifth gear was interesting - good work out for the neck muscles. Bike was stable in corners allowing it to be driven out of the corner hard. More than capable of keeping up with the super bikes on this particular track and passed many of them. Great fun and highly recommend you take your bikes down to your local track

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    Whoever got 26 on an r1 at the track didn't ride it very hard. My '09 got 16 at the track, 27 out chasing the fellas on the back roads and about 33 on the freeway. Yamaha converts gasoline to smiles! 26...wussy
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    Blame it on Euro 4 - the rest of the manufacturers bikes will be just as bad on fuel consumption. Hardly surprising if you think about it - 160 - 200bhp out of a 1000cc engine; show me a non turbo 1000cc car engine that has that power AND has great fuel consumption. Even on a test bench the car engine would be as thirsty. Power does come at a cost, but the Euro 4 stuff means fuel economy suffers.

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