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    Dyno bike tune. Melbourne

    Dave from Dynobike worked his magic on the MT-10

    My bike is stock apart from the Delkevic 3/4 exhaust.
    The A/F was all kinds of messed up, that's now fixed. He made a custom map for standard mode with one to one throttle, that mixed with good low down torque gain has really bought the bike to life since it was restricted all the way to 7500 rpm, no more soggy take offs. A and B mode are the same as stock except much smoother on the throttle.

    I asked to him to overlay the AMCN MT-10 dyno graph over mine while I was there, it made around 5hp more nearly all the way to the top than mine, not a huge gain for a full Akra exhaust and I think air filter.

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