We haven't advertised the development of this much, but we've been hard at work for several months. As good as the forks are on the FZ-10, there were several issues that we were hoping to sort out. Namely:

  1. The compression adjuster only adjusts high-speed compression (nearly every other fork cartridge design adjusts low speed compression). This is a big deal, because despite being softer than the R1, it was still a bit too heavy. Most riders have found that they are operating near the bottom end of the adjustment range. This means that comfort is still lacking...and...
  2. With the adjusters wound out, feel starts to suffer. Grip is there, but feedback is lacking. Fine for normal street riding, but less than desirable for aggressive canyon riding or track usage.

After much work, we're excited to announce we're ready to offer this kit to the public. We've taken everything we've learned from the FZ-09, FJ-09, and XSR900 and combined that with what GP Suspension and Penske Racing have learned on their racing efforts. In our opinion, this kit is best of breed. Works well on the street or track!

17+ FZ-10 GP Suspension 25 mm Cartridge Kit | Stoltec Moto

Every kit includes springs and valving according to the rider's weight and riding style, fork oil, and of course, the cartridges and replacement fork caps. If you've never installed a set of cartridges before, we recommend you seek a trained professional. This kit requires the chrome tubes to be removed from the lowers, so this is a full-blown tear down. Worth the effort, but effort nonetheless.

In order to kick things off, we're going to run a special for forum members. This will be limited to the first 5 customers, regardless of date. Pricing will be provided via PM or email only.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

PS - this video was taken during our first track outing with the cartridges installed.  Not the most talented pilot, so your results may be MUCH better!