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    Cool Hi People , new member, here's my toy........

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    Hi and welcome to the forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickwilde69 View Post
    Welcome, nice bike.. Is that a Simpson helmet?

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    Hello from the South West.

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    1.If you haven't heard, the owner of this site is awol, hasn't logged in since last year.

    2.No security updates or patches are being uploaded on this website.

    3.Your logins and passwords are totally unprotected here.

    4.The domain for this website expires this fall. With the owner being awol, that means this entire forum will vanish when the domain expires.

    5.The one and last remaining moderator here is now a moderator on the FZ-10 forum at fz10 .org

    6.There is a great UK MT-10 forum at

    Again, everything you type on this forum will disappear this fall. Hell, this forum could be hacked by now, nobody is watching the ship, nobody would even know.

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    yes it is, can't beat an RX with the ice cream swirls on top :-)

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    I referred to this forum by one of my friend who is a member of this forum.
    So I decided to join the community and I like this forum.

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    Come over to fz10 .org this forum is dead


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