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Thread: 4th gear

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    QS or not the gearlever has to fully return to its resting position after every gear change; to allow the next gear change to happen.

    Certain boots or certain corners on tracks can cause you to be keeping the gear lever from fully (spring) returning to its normal resting place.

    A friend of mine, , for a while always missed the same gear at the same right handers as his hanging-off the bike caused his different shaped new race boot to keep the gear change lever held up a small bit and not fully (spring back) return fully. So when he went to up shift for next gear out of the bend the bike won't upshift. A change of gear-lever position solved it for one of his bikes and going back to his older boots worked for the others.
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    Bang on the money there XPlane
    I had a KTM that I used to false neutral all the time. Narrowed it down to a particular pair of boots and not being aggressive enough with upshifting, adjusted the gear lever position and all was good.
    Must also point out that I have never had a problem with the MT10 gears, find them top notch and silky smooth.
    I do reckon that having the QS has a tendency to make you change up gears more decisively.

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    Thanks Xplane.. i will do the same..

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    Well i only wear one pair of beets and it happens no matter what and where.
    When i get back i'm off out to try it and off to Yamaha as stated.
    I do agree with plenty that's been said but i will be looking deeper and finding out if Yamaha have had any feed back from owners as now i see i'm not the only one, others must have raised this question down the dealers.
    I can actually try several times and it wont shift.
    Will keep this post updated with what happens at Yamaha.


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