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    Quote Originally Posted by X Plane View Post
    ... and adopt with your senses! You are in for treat, treat it with respect it's quiet deceiving. Enjoy.

    Agree, you are so right
    Agreed! Hoping to get some novice track days this year.

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    Bike was still in shipment at lunchtime today... Crossing my fingers that its ready for friday!

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    You will love the bike just take it easy running it in and get used to it. Enjoy!

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    I read this thread: https:// fz10 .org / thread/286/break-brand-new-fz-10
    (stupid I can't link directly)
    So should I really just ride it like a stole it the first 20-30 miles then change the oil? I want the best possible break in and I can afford a quick oil change.
    Also does it need a new oil filter after that?

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    It actually says that riding it like you stole it is the worst thing to do for the bike.

    I can't comment on the engine break in as I am not a mechanic / engineer but you should be aware of the fact that this a new bike that you are not familiar with it and depending on your riding experience you might be better off taking it easy. The other components that need breaking in are the brakes, suspension, gearbox.
    Just follow manufacturer recommendations and take it easy, you will prolong your enjoyment of the bike ownership.

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