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    Brian Gray Powerbiking - High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

    I thought I would break it down instead of going through a story.
    Yamaha Premium dealer: Yes
    Size: Small
    Tea & Coffee: Yes
    Cafť: No
    Used: Yes
    New: Yes

    I ordered my MT from them from the Pre order. (£500 Deposit)

    Really helpful guys I dealt with Sam he was incredibly helpful and was happy to accommodate my requests.

    Price of the MT was the same as everywhere else as it was in high demand.

    Trade in:
    They offered two options they can buy the bike in at trade price or they can sell the bike for you at a small fee. (This suited me much better to trade in as I got the dealer asking price for the bike and didnít lose the trade in lower price.)

    Sam kept me up to date with all the parts and when the bikes were due in, I usually knew more than my friendís waiting for their MTís which was helpful!

    Service price seems the same as most dealers but they are happy to help and offer extra services if required (Fitting of other Yam parts etc)

    Sam was happy to talk about alternatives to Yamaha and was happy to accept that I preferred other partís he even recommended other parts eg: Evotech and R&G which was nice.

    I thought the service I received from them was great!
    They were one of the only dealers that got back to me about ordering an MT10 when Yamaha announced the launch back at Christmas.

    They can get a little overwhelmed now and then as they are only a small business but they always called me back or made time for me.
    They can make a good brew if you need one! Key point

    The only thing I found was that their shop for bike kit was a little expensive but then I didnít ask for deals etc so they may have moved on this area.

    I would happily recommend them to anyone thatís in the market for an MT or even a Yamaha they are a great group of people.

    Details :

    Powerbiking Ltd

    25 West Wycombe Rd
    High Wycombe
    HP11 2LQ

    Phone:01494 512070


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    I've had 4 new bikes from these guys now - starting back when they used to sell both Honda and Yamaha when I bought my first 125 in 2004!

    Good bunch - Sam is a good guy and you can haggle with him a bit - as above though, nothing to be had on the price of the bike at the moment as they are flying out the door. I managed to strike a deal on some of the extra parts I ordered though. If you have bought a bike from them, the parts / clothing guys will usually give a discount if you ask.

    The core team, Brian, Ben (Brian's son) & Sam have been there from long before my first purchase in 2004 and know their stuff well.


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