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    It feels to me like the ABS cuts in a little early on the front

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    ^ Any thinking that the ABS cuts in too early on the MT-10 front is kidding or satire, lol.

    In 9000 miles I've never had the front ABS come on.

    Nice 1, BennyT you're just pulling legs, joking or a god dam full on nutter stunt riding, over doing trying stoppies with no front tyre, lol.

    Anyhow. No way, ABS is not over sensitive on the front, especially with standard brake pads and sticky tyre, lol, well in the dry, it's about spot on.

    I'm talking front ABS is fine and keep many upright!

    Most people think that the brakes are not overly powerful and not too sensitive, the brakes are ok especially with better brake pads, and this ABS cutting in too early comment seems to be just Benny's way of saying it's nonsense / his satire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FZ10rider View Post
    Hi all.

    I love my 990SMT. It's light, plenty of power to loft the wheel, squirt off a corner, or keep up with my brother's Ninja1000. I have no problems with it at all. It's perhaps my favorite out of the 20+ bikes I've owned in my 52 years. I had no intentions of replacing it......until the FZ10 came out with a cross plane crank, unique look, touring screen and readily available hard bags that will hold a helmet, plus (and this is big) cruise control. Why has it taken so long in this modern world for this to be standard on a bike of this nature? My bike before the SMT was a VFR1200F. I loved it. Very powerful and refined, handled better than a bike that size should, felt like it looked....solid. Where was the cruise control on Honda's flagship "sportbike?" It was a GT!!!! I replaced it with the KTM due to shoulder surgery and the VFR felt very heavy at times (like downhill in the rain putting my foot down at a stop sign). The KTM does not feel that way. The FZ10 is is a few pounds lighter.

    So, what do I gain from the FZ10 other than cruise control and 12 more hp? I commute 48 miles (77 KM's) one way to work. Half of it is expressway. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Michigan, USA

    P.S. The last inline 4 I owned was a ZRX1100 back in 2000. It was a great bike. However, I'm not a fan of the inline 4 engine. Singles, twins, and V-four's just a have a little more soul for me. The cross plane crank seems to be different though. How is it to ride? Thanks again.

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    I had a 990 SMT for one year . I tuned it as much as I can with ecu flash and bunch of stuff . Last month I sell old my 990 and I bought a MT-10 Sp. Well there is more than 12 hp . As an experienced rider for 30 years I am guessing some 30 hp difference .. 990 Smt is a far better commuter , but Mt10 is a beast .

    probably 990 smt wp forks are better than a regular MT10.

    Mt10 has many electronic toys .

    990 SMT was using min 8.5 Lt /100 km
    Mt-10 is 6-6,5 Lt ..

    990 smt turns great but Mt10 Sp turns better and faster.

    As brakes Mt10 Sp uses different caliers from regular MT10 they are sensless but does the job well.

    990 SMT has a better saddle .

    If you need more power and joy go for the Mt10 . Else if you just commuted stay with the 990 SMT .


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